Are you ready to transform your ideas into commercial realities?

  • Work through an established process to uncover innovation possibilities (through focused observation to idea identification to a final business plan presentation).
  • Conduct market research and analyze your data to develop a business plan.
  • Practice marketable skills crucial to entrepreneurial success, such as working within virtual teams, pitching an idea, and receiving constructive feedback.

Explore the significance of entrepreneurship in our global economy and how you can be a part of it.

  • Discover the various ways that innovations, both new and incremental, impact our society and drive the economies all over the world.
  • Uncover entrepreneurial myths and read case studies that underscore the skills needed to take an idea from a simple thought to a realistic venture.
  • Transform the way you view the world and develop skills that support opportunity-seeking behavior.

Prepare for college and the real-world working environment.

  • Practice critical skills (such as time-management and team communication) required for completing a multi-phased time-sensitive final project.
  • Improve your public speaking by developing an elevator pitch, presenting your final project to follow classmates, and gaining valuable insight from successful entrepreneurs.
  • Practice observing the world around so you can actively create new ideas.
  • Explore the power of networking outside your known circle of family, friends, and schoolmates to broaden your perspectives and influence.

Student Activities

  • Individual and team-based assignments aligned with final project
  • Readings, case studies, and guest lecturers
  • Online instructor-led discussion groups
  • A team-based final project in which the team records the selected opportunity’s business plan.

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