Are you ready to start writing the way college students write?

  • Analyze and discuss targeted texts and video to improve your understanding of what is different about college level writing.
  • Practice the close reading skills required to read and write on a college level.
  • Work closely with peer reviewers and apply the writing techniques necessary to a successful academic career in your own writing projects for this class.

Explore the qualities of successful writing across genres and structures.

  • Explore the fundamentals of semiotics and the importance of visual signs and cultural meaning in our writing.
  • Apply the analysis of visual and written text to your argumentative writing assignments.
  • Strengthen the skills required for distilling important arguments into more concise formats by transforming an essay into a text message.

Prepare for the college application process and for success in college.

  • Practice the skills required to write a successful personal statement.
  • Perform virtual interviews with college writers to understand their challenges and successes.
  • Prepare a final project that integrates the review processes and writing techniques required of college writers.