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  • Learn Why You Should Become a CFP Professional?
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Learn Why You Should Become a CFP Professional?
CFP® Certification Education Options

Instructor-Guided Option

DetailsThe instructor-guided option of our online financial planning program makes mastering the curriculum required to pass the CFP® exam easier and faster.

  • 12-month accelerated curriculum
  • 3 start dates per year (January, May, and September)
  • Bi-weekly webinars designed to keep you on track
  • Live interaction with Boston University's distinguished faculty

Self-Paced Option

DetailsThose who have completed the self-paced CFP® Certification Education option have exhibited historically higher-than-average pass rates.

  • Unlimited content access for 21 months
  • Rolling admission, start anytime
  • Your schedule. Study at your own pace
  • Module quizzes to test your knowledge at every step


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