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Testimonials – What Our Students Are Saying

“I found the Financial Planning prep work for the CFP® exam through Boston University to be both thorough and engaging. It was great to be able to set my own schedule, as we had our 2nd child soon after I started studying. Then towards the end of the process I had the flexibility to speed it up to finish on time. Thanks!”

- Christopher Gleason , Fiduciary Trust Company International

“I currently own and operate a thriving financial planning practice based in Northern California and have done so for the past eight years. Last year I decided to prepare for my CFP® exam and evaluated my options. I asked a few colleagues that have their CFP® credential to recommend a web based self-study program. Boston University was the overwhelming recommendation. I am absolutely thrilled with the program. It’s smart, well designed, and makes learning fun. It’s easy to see how much time went into the design and structure of the program as the quality of the content is superb. Truth be told, it has exceeded my wildest expectations. I will recommend this course of study to anyone looking to acquire their CFP®. Simply put, BU is the superior option available. If you’re a busy financial planner or a professional looking to make a career change, look no further, this is the ultimate option available.”

- Mark Zaifman , Spiritus Financial

“I have been a financial advisor for 17 years, and a couple of years ago I finally decided that I needed the CFP® designation for client credibility purposes. After researching many of the programs available I ended up using Boston University for the convenient on-line self-study program you had available. It not only helped me prepare for the CFP® exam, but quite honestly it taught me a lot of things that I did not know about financial planning. Long story short, I passed the CFP® exam on my first attempt in a year when the pass ratio was 50.4%. The BU course and exams were well laid out and organized and I’m convinced that it had a lot to do with my success on the exam.”

- Mark Dutram , LPL Financial Services

“After completing the Boston University online program for financial planning I sat for the March 2010 CFP® exam. I am happy to say that I have passed the exam. The coursework was well organized, rigorous and well worth all of my time and effort. The study scheduler was very helpful in keeping me on pace to finish the program in a timely fashion, and the periodic e-mail reminders nudged me to pick up the pace if I was falling behind. I would highly recommend Boston University’s online program to anyone considering a self-study approach.”

- Matt Hartman , RubinBrown Advisors

“I am the CFO of an electronics company who is nearing retirement and was searching for a course to take that would be challenging and educational. The Boston Unversity’s Financial Planning course was exactly what I sought. The course covered six major topic areas in great detail and each topic was thoroughly covered. The material was presented well with the online chapters supplemented by text book readings and assignments. As a result of this course, I have decided to pursue becoming a Certified Financial Planner. Currently, I am re-studying the materials in preparation for the CFP® exam. I would recommend this course to anyone who desires to become a Financial Planner and who has the stamina and determination to complete the course.”

- Glen E. Winter , Winter Associates

“I passed last July’s exam that was my first attempt based exclusively on the course. To study for the exam, I simply completed all the module tests a second time, and the final course exams seemed effective for helping in managing time properly.”

- Peter Nilsson

“I completed the Boston University program over an 18 month time span. I enjoyed the program because I could study at my own pace and from the convenience of any computer terminal. I thought the material was well presented and prepared me for the exam. I also found the price point of the program quite attractive compared to in-house programs offered at universities. I took and passed the exam on my first attempt, which was in November of 2009. The only thing I would change about the program is to make it easier to gain access to answers that you miss on the practice exams.”

- Edmund J. Ricker , Ameriprise Financial Services

“The education I received in the BU program helped me pass the CFP® Exam on the first try. We had our second child about three months into the program. There is no way that a classroom schedule would have worked for me and my family. With the on-line program I was able to work through the classes and exams after putting the kids to bed. For me there was no other reasonable option, and fortunately, the quality of BU’s program was excellent.”

- Andrew Betts , Bickling Financial Services

“The materials in the course online were very accurate and helpful toward my certification. In fact, if anything, I did not use the course enough – like I didn’t really understand until the end that I could access the teachers online etc. They continue to improve the program because when I started there were no calculator keystrokes on the page to help with the calculator and now they have that feature. I also found the company very helpful in working with me when I was nearing the end of my membership and needed a little more time to complete the final exams. I did the course while working full time as a Financial Advisor. Overall, I found them to be an excellent source for the initial education that is required before you approach the lengthy focused study required to prepare for the exam. Their program does work if you need to study at odd hours on your own time, late at night, or on weekends. Good material. Good questions. We got the job done.”

- Lisa Hall , Coulter Financial Advisors, Inc.

“I did not realize how well this course prepared me for the exam until after I took it. I am proud to say I passed the CFP® exam on my first attempt.”

- Dustin Rector , Larry Banmwald insurance Agency, Inc.

“This is a very demanding course. However, after sitting for, and passing the CFP® Exam, I am glad with my choice of Boston University’s program. I attribute the manner in which they package their material and study guides to my success. The freedom of 24-7 access was a huge factor in not only preparing for the exam but also trying to live some sort of normal life.”

- Jonathan Merckens

“Boston University’s was a great program for preparing for the CFP® exam. I learned all the needed topics covered on the exam but what I found most beneficial was that you can work at your own pace and test on your own computer. I took two modules from American College and they made me go to a test center which in my job and especially the current environment was inconvenient and time consuming.”

- William H. Bender II , Merrill Lynch

“The Boston University Online Financial Planning program is the easiest, most cost effective way to get the required courses out of the way to sit for the CFP®. You won’t have to keep taking the quizzes/tests over and over again, but if you have to there is no additional cost. Plus, you just do it on your own time. I’m glad I did it through them. (P.S. I passed the CFP® on my first try.)”

- Donna Lea , National Planning Corporation

“I enjoyed the online course offered by BU. Most importantly it allowed me to progress at my own pace. I completed the course work in about 8 months and most importantly, along with a CFP® test prep course, well prepared me to pass the CFP® exam in the first try.”

- Larry Rosenblatt , Rosenblatt Advisors, LLC

“If knowledge is power, this course from Boston University is a generator. I’d recommend this program to any and every financial professional looking to expand their horizons.”

- Chris Shultz , The Advantage Retirement Group

“I was a little apprehensive at first about an online program but once I got into it I paced myself over 18 months and kept feeding on my successes. I work full time and operate another business on weekends so an online program I could take during the evenings was my only option. Between the course material and the textbooks I was able to understand and work the modules with only a few email questions to the teaching staff. Upon completing the program I sat for the

CFP® exam at my first opportunity relying only on a review of my course notes and a practice exam I purchased. I passed on my first try.”

- Darryl Eddy CPA, CFP® , Jarrard, Seibert, Pollard & Co., LLC.

“I had a great experience with the program. The information was easy to understand and the quizzes and tests were challenging and helped me be better prepared to pass the CFP® test on the first attempt.”

- Bryan Nelson , Fountainhead Private Wealth Management

“This program was great since it gave me control of when and where to study. Not being forced into a timeslot was the key for me passing this exam quickly as compared to others who attended a live course”

- Brian Doughney , Ernst & Young

“The Boston University Online Program for Financial Planning was great. It gave me the flexibility I needed while raising a young family and working part-time. I would definitely recommend this program to others. The program was tough but it prepared me well for a career in financial planning.”

- Kristen R.M. Lanning , Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC.

“Even though I have a Masters in Economics and an MBA, the Boston University course shored up my knowledge in a number of areas I was weak in. I will be taking the CFP® exam for the first time in November, and feel very confident about passing the first time.”

- George G. Sims , U.S. Navy Reserves

“The CFP® program offered by Boston University is excellent. The lessons are comprehensive and the layout makes it easy to learn. The program allows you to enhance your current knowledge as well as develop new areas of expertise. I thoroughly enjoyed the program. Thank you BU and staff for providing such a well needed educational tool.”

- Vyone Clendinen

“The Boston University CFP® program is terrific! The material is comprehensive and very well written. I feel quite prepared to successfully complete the CFP® exam!”

- Brooks Esser

“The Boston University Online Program for Financial Planning administered by the Boston University is an excellent program to obtain a broad overview of financial planning and prepare for the CFP® certification exam. As an online program, it allows students to learn at their own pace and spend more time as needed on topics that require further study.”

- Leon Stommes

“The Online Program for Financial Planning is very comprehensive. It has given me a great basis for doing financial planning for my family. I will use this information learned from here on out. It gives me peace of mind that I have an understanding of the areas of financial planning in the current economic climate.”

- Jennifer Kathryn Frogness Family

“As a do-it-yourself person, I truly enjoyed the self-paced nature of the Boston University Online Financial Planner Program. I also highly recommend the online program for its convenience and flexibility. I started the program in August 2007 and while working full time, successfully passed the CFP® Exam in November, 2008.”

- Christine M. Raines , Strategic Financial Partners, Denver, CO

“After completing the online CFP® Program through BU in 11 months, I took the November 2008 CFP® Exam and passed. Many thanks to the BU professors for the great program they have.”

- Bryan Bastoni , Pearson Financial Services

“The program was great for me. I am not the type of person that learns best in a classroom environment. Being able to go through the material self-paced at my convenience made the challenge of preparing for the CFP® much easier.”

- David Burke

“The program was very good. The main benefit is the flexibility to study when you want.”

- Jim Vermillion , Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc.

“I thought the Boston University classes and material were excellent and very relevant to the preparation needed for me to become a Certified Financial Planner. While challenging, I believe the material was comprehensive yet enjoyable to work through at my own pace of study.”

- Greg J. Russell , Reliant Financial Services

“I enjoyed the CFP® program very much and found the 18 months plenty of time to complete all 6 sections. Thank you, Boston University, for giving me the flexibility to get one step closer to achieving my dream of being Certified.”

- Joshua Giminez , Fair Winds Financial Advisory Services, LLC

“The BU Online CFP® class is a great way to learn everything that you need to know about becoming a financial planner and prepare for the CFP® exam. The lessons are comprehensive and easy to follow and the module quizzes and section exams are a great test of your knowledge. Being able to learn from the comfort of your home computer makes it so much easier to learn the material. I highly recommend taking this course.”

- Brian Glazer

“The BU Online CFP® class is a great way to learn everything that you need to know about becoming a financial planner and prepare for the CFP® exam. The lessons are comprehensive and easy to follow and the module quizzes and section exams are a great test of your knowledge. Being able to learn from the comfort of your home computer makes it so much easier to learn the material. I highly recommend taking this course.”

- Angelina Georgieva , Harris Financial

“The Boston University program was convenient for working professionals. I was able to access the program from any computer and able to take the reading with me on the go! Also, the quizzes and tests were very helpful in solidifying the information I had learned.”

- Rebecca Clark , The Vanguard Group

“Boston University Online Financial Planning Program is an engaging and exhaustive option for continued professional development in the field of financial planning.”

- Harold Flecker , Merrill Lynch

“I enrolled in the program unsure of what I was getting into, but it proved to be a great decision. Given my work and family demands, I’m not sure I would have completed the CFP® education requirement without the BU online program. When I took the CFP® exam, I came to appreciate the program’s rigor. I felt well prepared for the exam and as a result I passed the CFP® exam on my first attempt in July 2007″

- David McPherson , Four Ponds Financial Planning

“This is a great program for the self-motivated individual who has an unpredictable schedule. It worked for me and helped me pass on my first try (July 2007)”

- Sonny Gancaygo , Merrill Lynch

“I admit I was trepidatious about taking an online course as the only means of study for the CFP® Certification exam. But Boston University’s program was great. I loved the review questions throughout the courses and at the end of the chapters-they really showed you what you needed to work on. I’m happy to report that I passed the July 2007 exam on my 1st try and from start to finish, did it in less than a year. Thank you to Boston University and team.”

- Angela DeLion , Ameriprise Financial

“When choosing a provider of the CFP® course work, I decided on Boston University. The primary reason was the ability to work at my own pace and at any time day or night. A secondary reason was that it is a great value. The format was easy to follow, covered the necessary material and they provided the necessary support on the few times questions came up. I just got the results of the CFP® July 2007 test and I was in the 51% who passed on the first attempt. I made the right choice relying on Boston University. Thank you.”

- Michael D. Chamberlain , Chamberlain Financial Planning LLC

“Doing the courses online made it possible for me to finish the class work and schedule the exam for a time more convenient for me. I was able to work at my own pace on my own schedule. The setup was easy, the subject matter was well laid out, and I felt that all the information I needed was available. Being able to take the courses online was a tremendous help.”

- Beth S. Milkovits , Tofias Financial Advisors LP

“The broad understanding of the entire financial planning process has not only helped clean up my own financial house, but also enabled me to help many other relatives and friends with planning issues. I feel the knowledge and insights I gained were well worth the tuition.”

- Captain Samuel Barlow , US Airways

“I recently completed the Boston University’s Online Financial Planner program. I am very satisfied with the scope and depth of the course material and the professionalism of the support staff. The online course and the supplemental text books provided me with the detailed knowledge base required to sit for the CFP Board Examination. I am an Information Technology professional with limited prior exposure to the Financial Planning material and was able to pass the CFP®

Certification Examination in March 2007 on my first attempt thanks to Boston University and examination preparation course. Kudos to the team at Boston University

- Austin M Neary , Kensington Systems Design Inc.

“I felt that the Boston University program prepared me much better than the other programs that were discussed. The testing and retesting is a great way to learn, especially, if you take the time to get your scores up above 80. Going back through the text books and re-reading the topics was a big help in understanding the interpretation of the questions. My colleague is now following in my footsteps. Thanks, it was a great learning experience and a thrill to pass the November

2006 test on the first try.”

- Karen Numi , UMB Financial Services, Inc.

“After 15 years of practicing pharmacy, I decided to start another career. Boston University helped me achieve my goal. The classes were very detailed and, in 2007, I hope to open my own financial planning practice.”

- Robert A Gibson

“Boston University’s Online Program was a comprehensive program that I felt provided me with foundation needed to prepare me for the CFP Board Exam. The online convenience made it easy to incorporate my study schedule into my busy life. I also felt the certificate I earned was an added benefit.”

- Sarah Bresee , Chemung Canal Trust Company

“I found that the Boston University online format was just what I needed to accelerate my personal study program. I

passed the CFP Board Exam in November 2006 on my first attempt.”

- Joseph Knarr , Ameriprise Financial

“I wanted a program that was comprehensive, prestigious yet economical and self-paced. Boston University’s program enabled me to complete the coursework in only 7 months and pass the CFP Board exam at my first attempt. This program is highly recommended for anyone who values their time and money.”

- Jeffrey M. Joy, Ferris , Baker Watts, Inc.

“The Online Program for Financial Planning was the perfect preparation course for a busy financial advisor. It gave me the freedom to make my own schedule, and move through the material at my own pace. I did not want to attend classes and spend two or three years satisfying the education requirement. The online program allowed me to do it all in about a year. I inform all of the potential CFP® candidates I meet of the availability of the BU online program.”

- Samuel B. Baldwin CFP® , Spencer Financial, LLC

“Boston University’s online financial planning course was great. I worked at my own pace from my home office and passed the July 2005 exam without taking an expensive review course. By re-taking the course finals to identify the areas where I was weak, I was able to focus my study where it was needed and face th exam with confidence. I highly recommend Boston University’s program.”

- Tom Bristow , Principled Advisors

“I just completed the intro to Financial Planning course. I was truly impressed. I have been in this business for 15 years, and already very familiar with many of the topics. It was nice to be able to work at my pace and focus on the areas that I need to strengthen.”

- Richard Jennings , KNBT Securities

“Having a graduate degree in Computer Sciences, I entered the program with some reservation, and considerable expectations regarding the interface, functionality, and effectiveness of a distance-learning program. Thus far, the Boston University program has not disappointed me. I have found the program easy to navigate, intelligently designed, and intuitive in nature. The course content, study materials, and practice tests seem well integrated, and provide a positive learning experience. I have already found real-world application to the concepts taught, and the program has quickly become an important element in my professional development. I am confident that I will not only pass the CFP® Exam, but will emerge as a more effective member of the financial planning community.”

- Art LaNata, BancFirst, Inc.

“When I decided to register for the financial planning course through Boston University, I expected to complete the course within eight months, although registration provided the opportunity to take eighteen months. I found the course followed a logical and concise learning path that allowed me to accelerate my review, so I was actually able to complete the entire program within six months. I did this, with discipline, while employed, without taking time away from my full-time employment. As a result, I applied to take the CFP® Certification Examination four months earlier (July 2004).

I am pleased to report that, on my first attempt, I received a passing grade. My sincere thanks to Boston University and Boston University for developing the course.”

- Thomas Briers, Financial Planner

“Well done. Great text. Tough material. Fair final. I learned a lot. Thanks.”

- Vern Shipley, Merrill Lynch

“I can tell you that I have worked in the financial industry all my life. When I took the course, I was pleasantly surprised at the thorough approach to all the topics it covered. It was also challenging and never tedious. I highly recommend the course to all who have an interest in expanding their financial knowledge base and especially the “Old Dogs” in the crowd. This most definitely gives credence to the fact that they too can learn some “new tricks”. Keep up the good work!”

- Thomas M. Serio, US Bancorp Fund

“I liked being able to go through the module as often as I wanted. Being able to call/email an instructor was very helpful. The “homework” assignments were a big help.”

- Jim Lund

“As Portfolio Manager for a hedge fund, I am very busy with my day to day trading activities. I needed a program of study that was flexible and fit into my schedule. With the Boston University Online Program for Financial Planning, I could study online when I wanted to and from whatever location.”

- David F. Tomasetti , Tomasetti Investment, L.P.


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