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The Certificate in Professional Investigation consists of six modules:
  1. Foundations of Professional Investigation
  2. The Law and the Professional Investigator
  3. Investigative Interviewing
  4. Internet Research
  5. Investigative Research
  6. Surveillance

An Inside Look at Boston University’s Online Certificate Program in Professional Investigation

Ever wondered what taking an online course at BU is really like? Our graduates of the BU online PI certificate program have all the answers.

Boston University’s online certificate program in professional investigation is one of several courses offered at the Metropolitan College’s Center for Professional Education.  But what is an online course at BU really like from the students’ perspective? And just how do online courses tackle such hands-on subjects as professional investigation? We asked several recent graduates from the program for their thoughts on the subject.

Getting Started with PI: Perceived Versus Real Obstacles

Some prospective students worry that they need an extensive background in professional investigation in order to succeed in the online certificate program. Not so, say our graduates. Students enrolling in the online PI certificate course are often just starting out in the field. “I already knew I had a given talent for figuring things out” graduate Kelly Butts says, “I just felt I needed professional guidance to fulfil my dream of becoming a PI.” Many students, like recent graduate Joe Cadillic, are looking to start a second career in professional investigation.  “I took the PI course because I was interested in changing careers and I wanted to become an investigator,” Joe says. “I didn’t feel out of place even though I didn’t have a police background.” Rick Hopkinson agrees. “I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a private investigator,” he says.

Rick also added that even though the online course initially seemed technologically daunting, he actually had no trouble at all getting up to speed on his computer. “At first, when you get all the hardware and software requirements from BU that are necessary to successfully take the online course, I thought I was going to have all kinds of issues. I was pleasantly surprised and relieved.”

Course Elements & Essentials: What it Means to be a Professional Investigation Student

But what is the course actually like? “Interesting and challenging,” Kelly says. According to Rick, the other students in his class really made the experience worthwhile. “[It was a] great bunch of people from diverse backgrounds that got together with the common goal of becoming a private investigator... The best memories were when a complete group of strangers suddenly became involved in the chat rooms and group discussions and how quickly we all seemed to bond and help each other through the course.” He continues, “It certainly provided me with the necessary information I needed to become successful and put me in touch with a network of people and associations to bounce things off of once I completed the course.” Joe also emphasizes the networking opportunities presented by the program. Even though he took the class online, Joe says the course presented him with valuable contacts he could use later. “It gave me networking opportunities that any student could use in the future.”

The Value & Impact Of The PI Class

When asked about how the course had impacted their career paths, our students had nothing but compliments for the training they had received from the BU online certificate program. “This course changed my entire life,” Kelly says. “I am now an investigator for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts investigating welfare fraud. I am also going for a job interview at the public defender’s office at the Boston Municipal Court as an investigator for the court! I qualify for this job directly as a result of my classes at BU.”

Some students, like Joe Cadillic, got jobs before they had even finished the course!  “I got a job as a criminal defense investigator before finishing the course,” Joe says. “I would absolutely recommend this class to a friend if they wanted to have a job opportunity waiting for them when they graduated.”

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