Student’s comments upon finishing the online course:

  • I really liked the interviews with different careers in the field of medicine. It opened my eyes and made me discover a few new careers that would match my personality.
  • I loved the Virtual Patients and the research papers we had to write about them. I also loved the Specialist Interviews because I was easily able to explore many different specialties.
  • I learned a lot concerning both the options open to someone in medicine as well as the process in which one may become a doctor- this was especially valuable for me. Additionally, the virtual anatomy labs were fascinating, and some of the specialist interviews were really engaging.
  • The course provided me numerous opportunity to explore in different fields in medicine. Also it made me feel more and more interested in medicine.
  • I thought the wide range of topics covered was great. I was extremely happy to see that it did not just focus on one aspect of medicine, but the entire world of medicine instead.
  • I like how we get to have virtual patient interaction to provide a doctor-patient simulation.
  • It was something new, it really made me wanted to become a doctor. The TA’s are great, they seem to really love what they do. I really enjoyed this course I will miss it. Thank you so much for everything you guys have done!
  • I liked the fact that it allowed me to better understand the career of medicine; I appreciated the chance to talk with Professor Smith and the TA’s since it helped me to understand more about medical school and a career in medicine.  Professor Smith was terrific, very accessible!  Ms. Ottinger and Mr. Lincoln were upbeat and friendly.
  • I loved the modules and the ways in which they exposed the hard truths of medical school.  I also enjoyed the interviews with the doctors and I found it interesting how they all wished for more time.
  • I really like the virtual patients.  It was a good way to learn about how you diagnose and treat patients you encounter.  I have seen these kinds of procedures on television shows (like House) but actually having the information and trying to deduce the illness is a much richer learning experience.  I also liked the wide variety of activities.  I did everything from learn about different types of doctors to understand health care in the United States.
  • I enjoyed the virtual patient assignments as well as the recorded interviews with various specialists. I also liked the videos from the labs because I was able to learn from the lectures in the comfort of my own home and to have the opportunity to watch them again at any time.
  • I liked the virtual anatomy labs and hearing doctors comment on their profession.
  • I really loved how I received responses to the papers I sent in. Whether it was constructive criticism or just a heartfelt understanding, I felt like the responses were well-thought and caring.
  • What I liked best were the virtual patients. It felt like I was a real doctor examining real patients. It was a great, fun way to incorporate what we were learning about that week, and the discussion forums were extremely helpful.
  • The module that showed medical program admissions and gave examples of actual students who were admitted to the PLME. This was extremely helpful!

Reflections from the students after taking the course:

  • Psychiatry is very in-depth on a level that I think is very interesting.  Just as Christine said on the testimonial video, being invited into crucial and important moments in people’s lives and being given the advantage and the tools to assist them is something that has driven me towards medicine.
  • I don’t personally think that I am capable of being a neurosurgeon just because of its intense understanding of the brain.  In order to be a neurosurgeon, you must fully understand every part of the brain and its functions.
  • The intensity of this job is very inspiring and the dedication is something I can relate to and would not mind.  The task of maneuvering through the brain is quite fascinating.  In this job I feel it is important that the doctor understands every aspect, obviously, of what they are doing, but they also need to be able to tell their patients and their families in simple words what is occurring, therefore they must be a “people person” as well.
  • Family medicine is very broad and I would rather have my specialty focused a little bit more.
  • I would rather focus on one part of the body rather than learn an overview of many.  Also, I would rather solve one problem specifically then send my patients to a specialist.
  • I am a very decisive person.  I like to make decisions and see results right away.  I like seeing the problem, taking surgery for the result, and fixing the problem.  I love the fact that there is a variety every day.  I find myself very interested in the aspect of surgery.  Being constantly busy and moving is also very appealing.  Being a problem solver in this specialty is important, which I am.
  • I agree with the difficulty in dementia.  My great aunts have dementia and I see how tough it can be to work with the elderly as they forget and almost regress.
  • I can be a little impatient, however, and the extended visits and longer exams might bother me a little because of my extreme impatience.
  • The long, difficult surgeries require you to be attentive to make good decisions and carefully correct a problem.
  • I do not see myself becoming a doctor. I believe that that’s what this class was all about. I have always had a passion for science and biology in particular, but after going through this course I don’t believe medicine is a perfect fit for me. I am still passionate about the field and love learning about it but I don’t believe I could pursue it as a career. I am very happy that I took this online course because if I didn’t I could have started down a path that ultimately wouldn’t be the greatest fit for me.

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