What makes a great leader? What is your own leadership potential and how can you cultivate it further? Do you have a passion, such as improving literacy, preserving the environment or preventing the spread of malaria and hope to make an impact one day?

Great leaders often possess a number of key leadership skills. Based on one of Brown University’s most popular political science courses, this pre college course guides you as you discover new insights from great historical leaders, examine key leadership skills and build upon your own leadership awareness and potential.

Learn from the great leaders:

  • Leadership Awareness
  • Cyrus the Great of the Persian Empire
  • Genghis Khan of the Mongol Empire
  • Admiral Zheng He of the Early Ming Dynasty
  • Queen Elizabeth I and the Early British Empire
  • Personal Leadership Analysis

During this pre college course you will build your own leadership awareness while learning about the key leadership skills that are shared by many world leaders.

Study leadership skills, and develop your leadership potential:

  • Gain a perspective on leadership skills from a variety of experts
  • Broaden your understanding of historical leaders through the Engineering Empires History Channel series
  • Participate in virtual interviews with university and post-graduate leaders of organizations including:
    • The Real Food Challenge
    • Project Eye to Eye
    • Brown Refugee Youth Tutoring and Enrichment
  • Develop a Leadership Log of your reflections and analysis of leadership issues
  • Evaluate your own leadership awareness and potential
  • Design a personal leadership project in your community

This pre college course will enable you to:

  • Identify leadership skills shared by nearly all world leaders
  • Examine your own leadership potential vis-à-vis these leadership traits
  • Explore how these leadership traits and others are evident in the lives and works of a series of contemporary young leaders whom you will “meet” through a series of dynamic online interviews
  • Learn to analyze a variety of leadership dilemmas
  • Participate in online discussions on specific leadership topics
  • Brainstorm your own leadership project

Course duration and weekly assignments: Fall and Spring courses are 6 weeks long, and require approximately 5 hours per week to complete coursework and assignments. The Summer course is an intensive 3 week long program requires approximately 10 hours per week.

Additional course books and supplies:

approximately $70

Technical requirements for this online course:

  • Computer with an internet connection
  • Internet access
  • Internet browser
  • Headphones or speakers
  • Microphone
  • Valid and active Brown ID (you will receive these credentials upon registering for the course)

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