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September Tip Of The Month: What You Need To Know About the Computer-Based CFP® Examination

The CFP Board has now transitioned to a computer-based CFP® Exam, beginning in November 2014. In order to help make this transition seamless, we have compiled some of the FAQ’s regarding this new exam format.

Can I take the computer-based CFP® exam on my computer at home or at work?

No. CFP Board’s computer-based exams are only offered in secure, proctored testing centers. This provides every candidate with a professional, consistent testing environment.

Aside from a pass/fail score, what information will I receive with my exam results?

Candidates receive preliminary pass/fail exam results upon completion of the exam at the testing site. Candidates who do not pass, additionally receive a diagnostic report of their exam performance across the Principal Topics, with indications of relative strengths and weaknesses. 

Official exam results will be provided approximately 3 weeks following the close of the testing window to confirm official results.  

If I fail the exam, can I take it again?

Yes, but not during the same testing window. You must wait until the next testing window to retest. CFP Board’s exam retake limits also apply

Boston University Financial Planning Program Director, Carolynn Tomin feels “confident that this new computer-based testing will be beneficial to our students. Since our program is fully online, it should feel like a familiar environment.”

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