Program Overview

The Boston University online Certificate in Professional Investigation provides a comprehensive, efficient, and effective path to reaching your career goals. The instructors are all seasoned professionals who can teach, guide, and support you as you develop a higher degree of professionalism. The program includes weekly graded assignments and applied field work later in the class.

The Professional Investigation instructors use examples from years of experience to illustrate key points across all areas of investigation. In 15 weeks, you will learn a proven methodology, and refine techniques and tactics that will save time and yield better results. If desired, you can learn how to start or improve the success of your own practice.

The online investigation course conceived and developed by Boston University examines the principles and practices of Professional Investigation for legal, insurance, and private cases. The rigorous curriculum has been developed and is taught by seasoned investigators with distinguished careers in a variety of sectors such as government, insurance, law enforcement, and the judicial system.

Professional Investigation is an ideal course of study for individuals looking to enter the field of Investigation or advance their current professional knowledge. Students gain the requisite skills and knowledge to succeed in this increasingly competitive and challenging field.

Get your Certificate in Professional Investigation from Boston University online, and you will be better prepared, more professionally qualified and will extend your network of professional investigators.

This program is ideal for those who want to:

  • Develop their investigation skill set and develop a broader and deeper knowledge base
  • Improve their job qualifications
  • Extend their network with other professional investigators
  • Explore other aspects of the profession and round out their current experience
  • Prepare for launching or improving their own practice