Testimonials from previous PI students

“[It was a] great bunch of people from diverse backgrounds that got together with the common goal of becoming a private investigator… The best memories were when a complete group of strangers suddenly became involved in the chat rooms and group discussions and how quickly we all seemed to bond and help each other through the course.” “It certainly provided me with the necessary information I needed to become successful and put me in touch with a network of people and associations to bounce things off of once I completed the course.” “It gave me networking opportunities that any student could use in the future.”
“I would absolutely recommend this class to a friend if they wanted to have a job opportunity waiting for them when they graduated.” “I already knew I had a given talent for figuring things out I just felt I needed professional guidance to fulfill my dream of becoming a PI.” “This course changed my entire life, I am now an investigator for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts investigating welfare fraud. I am also going for a job interview at the public defender’s office at the Boston Municipal Court as an investigator for the court! I qualify for this job directly as a result of my classes at BU.”