La Salle University's online Master of Science
in Human Capital Development

La Salle University's online Master of Science in Human Capital Development prepares students to develop, implement, and measure strategic human capital plans for their organizations.

Our Master of Science in Human Capital Development draws courses from psychology, management, negotiation theory, and instructional technology to offer learners a blend of theory and practice. Students are able to focus on a specific aspect of human capital development in fields such as education, healthcare, finance, global corporations, not-for-profit, and government. Students also have the option of surveying different human capital development initiatives throughout the world.

Online learning at La Salle offers the same rigorous curriculum as face-to-face learning with increased flexibility for those juggling busy schedules. Courses will meet both asynchronously, using discussion boards, blogs, and journals, and synchronously, using programs that allow real-time chat and video or audio web conferencing to help you stay connected with your instructors and classmates.

The program consists of twelve courses:

  • Client Communications and Consulting
  • Training a Global Workforce
  • Self-Assessment for Leadership
  • Organizational Development and the Consulting Process
  • Human Resource Development
  • Theories of Conflict Analysis and Resolution
  • Advanced Negotiation Theories and Practice
  • Organizational Interventions
  • Investing in Human Capital
  • Legal Environment of Human Capital Development
  • Strategic Approaches to Human Capital
  • Human Capital Development Integrative Capstone

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Program Goals

  • To provide students with a theoretical and intellectual understanding of how HCD is strategically integrated with an organization's people, mission, goals, and objectives.
  • To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how an HCD framework links the organization's workforce with its bottom line.
  • To provide students with functioning insight into the legal environment under which HCD professionals operate.
  • To learn how organizations invest in their human capital, ethically manage knowledge, and measure the development process against their bottom line.
  • To create a realistic understanding of how to either tactically direct organizational conflict toward meeting organizational goals, or to mitigate the destructive impact of such conflict.
  • To enable program participants to both diagnose complex strategic challenges facing HCD professionals and develop innovative solutions to those challenges.
  • To develop a strategic leadership aptitude in HCD decision-making that is ethical and results-oriented.
  • To develop superior communication skills with philosophically and culturally diverse internal and external individuals in the performance of HCD functions.


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The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has acknowledged that La Salle University's Master of Science in Human Capital Development fully aligns with SHRM’s HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates. The Human Capital Development Program has also been recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for coaching credit.