Prepare yourself for the academic challenges of your college freshman year

  • Brown online courses and summer programs are taught at the same level of academic rigor as a first-year college course
  • Include a pre college online course as a component of an independent study or senior project
  • Learn and practice college-level writing so you don’t get left behind
  • Improve your critical thinking skills and get constructive personal feedback from Brown University professors and TA’s

Build a better college resume and improve your college application

  • Build a stronger college resume by taking pre college online courses for high school students at Brown University
  • Prepare for college by demonstrating you can do Ivy League level academic work
  • Show academic initiative by taking an online college course beyond your basic requirements
  • Learn from the graduate students at Brown how they applied and got into medical school

Confirm your interest in a demanding profession or field of study

  • Find out whether you are really suited to be an engineer or a doctor
  • Learn what engineers and physicians really do
  • Practice medicine on virtual patients, or solve real world engineering problems
  • Explore the truths about medical school admissions and financial aid

Convenient access to premiere college-level courses from Brown University

  • Study from any city in any place you can get wifi – your home, school, or library
  • No need to change your plans – participate in your regular academics, employment, sports, and activities while taking your college course
  • Take Brown Online Courses any time of day and any time of year
  • Study in an immersive multimedia learning environment  with simulations, virtual interviews, lab exercises, and in some pre college courses, local community involvement

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